Q&A with Textile Designer 'The Digital Weaver'

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1) Could you tell us a little bit about 'The Digital Weaver'?

The Digital Weaver is a textile design studio based in Sydney, with a proven track record for trend & colour forecasting.

We make textile design fun and inspirational for all levels of designer, our clients range from start-ups to well known local and international brands.

Our vision is to create exclusive textile print designs, that help communicate each brands unique story.

2) What are the recent trends in the print world? What are you seeing a lot of?

Here is our top 10 trend list for this season:

  1. Tropical Illusions: Surreal vibrant tropicals with dark rich undertones.

  2. Hot-house Romance: Red-hot coloured romantic florals with a tropical twist.

  3. Bonjour Paris: French girl chic takes an ocean cruise, think classic yet cool.

  4. Texas Rose: Burnt desert tones in graphic prints inspired by, south of the border, western themes.

  5. Wild Meadow: Pretty pale ground meadow florals with botanical sketch details.

  6. Forbidden Island: Vintage castaway prints with tinged monochromatic tones on natural grounds. 

  7. Pretty Hyper: Multi-coloured psychotropic images morph with pretty girlie motifs in iridescent shades. 

  8. Future Boom: Digital designs fuse crystal gems, laser lights and glitch effects in hot saturated colours. 

  9. Mineral Escape: Marble and tie-dye textures, drone-view oceanscapes and natural formations merge together in off-beat shades.

  10. Fruitopia: Fresh & fruity this youthful trend ranges from bold retro fruit graphics to sweet watercolored conversationals.

Trend forecasting is in our DNA, the hunt for the latest looks never ends....check out our pinterest mood boards for a visual hit of inspo.   

3) Why Sublimation printing? Why do you choose to print with Sublitech?

Our collection features such a wide variety of bright colours, and we have found that sublimation printing on polyester bases keeps the vibrant look of all our on-screen colours.

We have hundreds of designs but only need short print runs of each this means print minimums must be low, another excellent reason for sublimation printing.

After 15 years of working with the Sublitech team, during my time at Seafolly, I knew Pete would be the first person to call when I was thinking about starting my own print design studio. 

Having good reliable suppliers, that care about your product, makes running a business that little bit easier... the Sublitech team has quickly become a vital part my business. 

4) What's your favourite thing about working in the fashion industry?

The feeling you get when you see your print design on a garment and that garment on a person in the street or on the beach anywhere in the world, that has got to be my all time favourite thing about working in the fashion industry. 

Working with brands to make their print visions come to life and then of course hearing the positive sales feedback is pretty awesome too.