File Set Up Guide Basics

We accept the following file types: TIFF, EPS, PDF or PSD

Please save all artwork as CMYK at 150dpi.

Supply large files through the Upload A File link here.

Placement Printing VS Yardage Printing

If you are unsure about the difference between placement printing and yardage printing please take a look at the diagrams below. These should guide you on how to set up and supply your artwork depending on which print method you want to use. If you are still unsure, we recommend chatting to either one of our staff members, or your cutter/manufacturer to get their advice

Placement / Engineered Panel Printing

If you are setting up your files as placement, you will need to have your 'patterns digitised' and laid out by a graphic designer (see our 'textile hub' page for recommended designers). Lay the artwork in a position to ensure the best yield, and be cautious of the way the yarn runs. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 1.30.24 PM.png

Yardage Printing

If you are printing repeat yardage, please ensure your file is set up in full repeat, to the width of the fabric with NO repeat lines. Please chat to your graphic designer, or your Sublitech account manager to ensure this is done correctly.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 1.30.30 PM.png

Banner Printing Set Up Guide

If you are supplying artwork for a banner print, please ensure there is adequate room in the top and bottom of the artwork for the allowance of rod pockets. Please ensure there is a thin grey line around the artwork so nothing in the design is lost in the making stage. Here is a simple set up example to follow.

Please set up your artwork to the EXACT finishing size you require.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 1.34.12 PM.png